Why Vexx?

Too many people in today’s society eat unhealthy and not sustainable. Eating junk food, sugar overloaded snacks or skipping meals does not fit in a healthy eating pattern. As a consequence your body does not receive the required nutrition, resulting in tiredness, lack of energy and concentration problems. In other words not eating properly has a direct negative effect on your day, the people and the planet. We created Vexx to provide the solution to these problems: a healthy, sustainable and convenient alternative for the moments that preparing a healthy fresh meal is not an option.

Our Beliefs

We believe that food can be produced in a better way. By the use of healthy ingredients from organic farms, free from animal products and minimizing the chain between farmer and consumer. Food like that should be available for everyone at any place at any time, easy to prepare and at an affordable price. We design products that have a low carbon footprint and support the health of our community.

About Team Vexx

My story

"During the 2014 World Championship sailing in Kiel, on board of sail team SKARP I was responsible for providing the entire team with food. I discovered the problem that food occupies a lot of space on board and while relatively having a low nutritional value and is hard to prepare at open sea. In daily life I also see loads of people struggling to prepare nutritious meals. This motivated me to find a solution and develop a healthy product that is suitable for everyone. Next to my passion for Vexx I work as a physiotherapist and have and have my education in microbiology, nutrition and sport."
Ultimate dream: "My ultimate professional dream is to start a holistic health centre, where food and exercise play a vital role in helping people to recover. I see the development of Vexx as a crucial step in realizing that dream."

Alwin de Wit Food Designer

My story

"At the beginning of 2014 I decided to do an experiment, one month solely live on powdered food shakes. I liked this so much that I decided to develop an alternative, a shake that is made from minimally processed natural ingredients. My main motivation for Vexx was my search for ways to create a healthy lifestyle for everyone, a lifestyle that is in complete harmony with nature. I have a master in Environmental Management and am currently studying biological agriculture."

Ultimate dream: "My ultimate dream is to grow Vexx into an institute for research and development for productivity, health and happiness."

Stijn Heemskerk Food Designer

My story

​"I was motivated to start Vexx as I am interested in food and want to offer the world an alternative for unhealthy and not sustainable fast food. Fast food was the primary source of (mal)nutrition in the departments when I was still working as an accountant at KPMG. During long days of work I saw people around me reach out to unhealthy snacks and food. I could see the health and productivity drop during busy times partly because of their unhealthy eating habbits.

Ultimate dream: "My ultimate dream is that Vexx makes the world a healthier and more sustainable place. I like to make people aware of the impact that food has on their body and the environment. I see that Vexx could be a solution to social problems such as obesity and malnutrition."

Eduard Snoeren Finance

My story

"I am student in Hospitality Management and currently an intern at Vexx . I was motivated to work for Vexx as it focuses on sustainability and innovation, two areas that I highly value. At Vexx I am responsible for marketing, the customer experience and shipments . I find it important to deliver excellent service, co-create with customers and continuously innovate. Do you follow Vexx on Facebook or Instagram? Then there is a good chance you are reading my content."

Ultimate dream: "In the future, I would like to start up my own company in the field of hospitality . Vexx inspires me to work on that dream! ''

Romea BakkerMarketing & Customer Support

Together we have bundled our strengths and ideas to create Vexx. At the moment we are putting all our energy into research and development in order to eventually create a product that can be completely customized to your needs and wants.

We hope that our story motivates you to eat healthy, use sustainable products and most of all that it inspires you to take care of your body and support it to function optimally!

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