Professional Skydiver

"With Vexx I get all the important nutrients inside that I need to function properly. All protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Without E-numbers or other junk that today is in almost all the food." Read more about Floris »

David van EijkProgrammer

"I eat Vexx when I'm busy in the office or on the road. It keeps me away from unhealthy office snacks. Eating  Vexx gives me the certainty that I get all the vitamins I need.

Management Assistant

"I was immediately excited about the composition of Vexx. I usually have it in the morning and when I'm on the road. Afterwards, I feel satisfied and fit, completely different than after take-out!"


Anne ThijssenSecretary of Justice

"I commute between Amsterdam and The Hague every day, and I wanted a healthy breakfast that was quick to prepare. I have Vexx around 7 am and I usually don't eat again until 1 pm. I like the taste and it gives me loads of energy."

Steven van ZadelhoffPokerplayer

"To do well as a poker player nowadays it’s a must to stay in shape and to have a rich, diverse diet. Vexx helps me with all of this. And because I only have 5 minute breaks, it’s the perfect meal for me during my long sessions."

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