Advantages Of Using Vexx

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“Essential nutrients” are those nutrients our body needs to function optimally but cannot produce itself: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Food scientists with the European Union have agreed on 31 essential nutrients, and the respective amounts needed by the average person – the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA).

One Vexx contains close to one third of the RDA of all essential nutrients: a more complete nutritional value than practically any other ‘normal’ meal.


Fresh-made meals require regular grocery trips, and cooking easily takes an hour a day. Most people like shopping and cooking, but nobody always feels like it. Without time or energy we resort to soda, crisps or chocolate.

This is where Vexx can help. One bag contains one full meal: large breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Mix the powder with 500 ml of water or another liquid, shake it and let it rest for 30 seconds. In under a minute your healthy, nutritious meal is served.


The global food system seriously damages our natural resources. Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with synthetic poisons, the meat industry is founded on systematic animal abuse, our waste pollutes rivers and oceans.

We want to do something about this. Therefore we selected organic, vegan ingredients and biodegradable packaging.

With Vexx you eat healthy – for yourself and the world around us.

Mental energy

VIf you have an average diet, you might be deficient in certain essential nutrients. Some of those nutrients are especially important for brain health and cognitive performance. Moreover, you might foods that cause undesirable energy and mood swings.

We took this all into account: not too many carbohydrates, low in sugar, no gluten, high in protein, high in Omega 3, high in magnesium. Vexx was mainly developed for people who aim for maximum cognitive performance, from early in the morning to late at night.

Stay full, clear and energized for up to 6 hours.