Can Vexx replace all other foods in a responsible manner?

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nov 12
Gevarieerd eten met maaltijdvervanger
Let's start with the short answer. The development of a perfectly healthy food product is like drawing a perfect circle: experience and conviction will bring you far, but it will never succeed. The same goes for Vexx; it will always be subject to further development.
Research has learned us a lot about the impact of food on our bodies and every day we learn something more. However, knowledge knows no boundaries: food (especially plants) contain thousands of different substances that can form countless different combinations. Our knowledge of their effects on the human body is unfortunately very limited. We will never say our product can replaced every other food in a responsible way. Diversity is crucial. But we are convinced that you are already well on the way with Vexx: plenty of substances that your body needs anyway, and minimize substances that are useless to your body. A little variety does the rest. With diversity however, we do not mean eat anything you feel like, as long as it is often something else. Your body does not need things like wheat, rice, potatoes, ribs and soda. A healthy and diverse diet consists mainly out of vegetables and fruits. 

Our daily recommendation would be Vexx in combination with different vegetables, and you will come little short.

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