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Jun 28

Best Food For Travelling

We are wondering what are your favorite foods for flying and travel in general? Do you eat unhealthy or healthy while travelling? I know from experience that when you try to pursue a healthy lifestyle then the options are very limited. This summer you are probably going on a vacation. A road trip through France with your friends or a romantic getaway to the Bahamas. But what do you eat during those long travel hours?

During flights many rules apply for taking food with you and inside a car you also can’t eat a very extensive meal. In my opinion the ideal travel food needs to have the following requirements.

Travel food requirements

Quick At home you have a kitchen and its fun when preparing your food takes half an hour. Accompanied with a glass of wine and some music. When your in the backseat of a car it is not fun to prepare a meal. Instead I like my travel food to be ready within seconds.

No disgusting smell. Dear neighbour I know you are enjoying your tuna sandwich with egg and raw onion but there are no windows that can be opened during this 10 hour flight and I am already feeling a bit nauseous

Easy to prepare. Did you every try to prepare a salad during a bumpy flight? The result is that you honey mustard dressing lands on your shoes. No, travel food needs to be prepared and eaten without any effort.

No crumbs. Finding bread crumbs in your car from last months Subway sandwich is far from ideal.

Healthy Stopping at the nearest gas station when you crave for some food is the unhealthy way to go. Try to think about what to eat on the road before you leave your house. Bring something healthy. When you travel to work every day then that gas station ‘in-between’ snack becomes a daily habit. Same goes for eating at train stations.

Energy When you’re driving it is important to focus. During long hours of driving sometimes staying awake can even be an issue. Next to regular pit stops you should make sure that the food you eat stimulates your body and mind to be active. Eat the necessary proteins and vitamins.

What is a good food option?

When you look at the above, you would think that it is difficult to find a food product that fits all the criteria?. It needs to be healthy, nutritious, quick and easy to prepare, without a smell and leaving no waste. Next to that it needs to be allowed to be taken with you on airplanes. Well think again, because a Vexx Organic Health Shake definitely fits all the criteria. Vexx is allowed on airplanes thanks to its dried powdered form, Vexx is highly nutritious, easy to take with you and can be prepared within 18 seconds. Read for example the comparision in nutrition between a hamburger and a Vexx shake in the hamburger vs. Vexx blog.

Other food that fits the criteria are granola bars, fresh fruit and vegetable sticks with dip.

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