Nutrition Battle Vexx Choco Shake vs. Yoghurt Muesli

By admin | Nutritional value

May 03

I always like to start my mornings with a fresh cup of yoghurt in combination with home-made muesli and a splash of orange juice. When I ask around I notice that a lot of my friends eat yoghurt in the morning too. Mainly because they see this as a healthy start of their day and because it satisfies them all morning long. ​

Since I work at Vexx I regularly switch my ritual yoghurt with my favorite Vexx flavor Chocolate Recharge. I use Vexx either in the morning, afternoon or in the evening when I am in the train travelling back from work. Mainly because Vexx is super healthy, keeps me full and is quick to prepare. These benefits are actually quite similar to the benefits of eating yoghurt muesli.

So there are two healthy nutritious options here, both contain a lot of the essential vitamins, fibers, fats and minerals that our body needs to optimally perform. The question is which option is healthier? Therefore I thought why not compare Vexx and Yoghurt Muesli purely based on their nutritional values? I teamed up with my colleague Alwin De Wit (Product Development) in order to generate a research based comparison which is illustrated in the infographic below.

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