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May 17

Alwin de Wit is the owner and founder of Vexx. Last week he participated in the Dutch National Sailing competition, referred to as North Sea Regatta 2016. We are proud to announce that together with his team SKARP, Alwin became 3rd in this race from The Netherlands to The United Kingdom.
Alwin De Wit Founder Vexx


Alwin not many people know this but the idea of Vexx arose during sailing. Can you tell our readers a bit more about how you came up with the idea of Vexx?

I came up with the idea of Vexx during the World Championship sailing in Kiel. On board of sail team SKARP I am responsible for providing the entire team with food. I discovered the problem that food occupies a lot of space on board, while relatively having a low nutritional value and is hard to prepare at open sea. In daily life I also see loads of people struggling to prepare nutritious meals. A lot of people have a lack of time while being in the office or on the road. This lack of time leads to skipping meals or eating unhealthy. As a consequence people get a lack of energy, tiredness and concentration problems. This motivated me to find a solution and develop a healthy product that is suitable not only for athletes but for everyone. Vexx in my opinion is that solution!

For the people who do not know Vexx yet, can you maybe explain what it is?

Vexx is a drinkable meal made from minimally-processed, organic ingredients. The key ingredients are super foods such as buckwheat, linseeds, rice protein, cacao and almonds. Added are vitamins and minerals of the highest quality in order to reach optimal nutritional value.

Thanks to its dried powder form, Vexx has a long shelf life without the addition of any conservatives. To prepare Vexx you mix the powder with 500 ml of water in a shaker bottle and shake the mixture into a smooth texture.  One meal contains 1/3 of the daily amount of all essential nutrients recommended by the European Union. Essential nutrients are those nutrients our body needs to function optimally but cannot produce itself: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. By consuming Vexx you will get your daily portion of vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, fiber, protein, zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and more. One meal of Vexx can be prepared in 18 seconds. This is a more complete nutritional value than practically any other ‘normal’ meal. One Vexx meal keeps you full, focused and energetic for 6 hours.

Back to the sailing, how did you and your team prepare for the North Sea Regatta?

Preparation is mainly training. We train every weekend and next to that it is important to have the right gear and safety measures in place.

The North Sea Regatta lasted over 24 hours how do you stay awake?

Every team member gets around 2 hours of sleep during those 24 hours. I keep myself awake by focusing on eating the right nutrition and staying active the entire time. Of course the adrenaline rush of the competition keeps me awake.


What did you eat on board of the ship before the development of Vexx?

Per person we ate like 8 cheese sandwiches, chocolate bars and fruit. Specifically the cheese sandwiches gave me an after dinner dip which is not very convenient to have during an intensive competition.

What is the main effect of Vexx on your body during sailing?

When I consume Vexx my energy is spread out steadily over time. This long-term energy is way healthier then a short energy boost that you get from food that is high in sugar. A quick sugar rush also comes with a sugar crash.

Why is Vexx so convenient?

Vexx is an easy meal that requires almost no energy or time to prepare. On the boat there are limited resources available to cook a meal. To store and prepare Vexx I do not need a heat source, refrigerator, cutlery or blender. The only thing I need is my shaker bottle and 500 ml of water. Next to that it is compact and I can store it for 6 months.

For which other sports do you think Vexx can play an important role?

With Vexx you can receive the maximum amount of nutrition within a minimum amount of time. I think that this type of nutrition is suitable for every athlete that values healthy food and wants to support his/her body with optimal nutrition. So basically I think Vexx can play an important role for every athlete within every sport. So far our customer vary from climbers, hikers, judo players, skydivers, runners, poker players and of course also non-athletes.

Can you explain a bit more about how Vexx can be used by non-athletes?

You can use Vexx as a replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It contains everything you need in one meal and is easy to take with you. This is very convenient when you are on the road or have a busy day at the office. When you have no time to prepare a meal but still want to eat very healthy then Vexx is the perfect alternative.

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